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A Prayer during the Corona-crisis :

We pray in the name of Jesus to the `Father´ as our origin and our goal and of all that is – as Jesus taught us, cf., for example, John's Gospel 15:16 :

Dear God, 

Keep us and our fellow human beings safe from the new virus. Help those already sick to heal; as it is your will.

Have mercy also on the weaknesses, that might make humankind especially susceptible to this disease.

Help us to deal wisely with the new viral disease that has come to humankind. 

Don’t let people’s fears become a problem in their own right. Where there is already panic; help to allay this panic.

Guide the measures of humankind against the spreading of this disease -- so that they are meaningful, and so that the health and soul of humankind does not suffer any further damage from this disease. Allow the damage that has already occurred to be repaired as a result. 

In this time of pestilence, save human society from measures that undermine liberal democracy. Where such temptations have already affected things, help to make them unaffected again.

Let us remain aware of the other challenges and goals of our life as is your will. Make us open to follow your guidance in all things.